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Drive Organic Traffic to Your Retail Store with These Useful SEO Tips

August 23, 2020

Want to boost sales and reach of your retail store? Before this, did you know nearly 80% of buyers do online research before purchasing the item? 

Apart from this, 70% of the audience clicks on the first link on the first SERP. Considering these stats, it has become vital for local stores to reach their audience the right way. By ranking on top of SERPs, you are making sure that you reach the right customers, which will boost your sales. 

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Medical SEO - 5 Reasons Why You Need It Right Now

August 12, 2020

In this mobile-centralized world, we usually turn to our mobile phones as soon as the smallest discomfort hits us. Whether we need a doctor or a local store, we are most likely to read their online reviews before buying their services. 

With this being said, it is essential to have an online presence if one needs to augment their sales and increase their business. Not only IT for entrepreneurs or eCommerce marketers, nowadays, but it is also important for medical practitioners to...Continue Reading

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7 Proven Ways Physician Offices Can Promote Their Online Presence

August 11, 2020

Gone is the time when having a website was enough to be found online. Nowadays, if you don't want to get lost in the crowd, you need to have a robust online presence.  

Whether you are a physician or an entrepreneur, attracting new patients and clients requires optimizing your site's web presence. Many smart health professionals have already started their digital journey.  

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