Top Marketing Trends 2021

October 29, 2020

With the new year approaching, it’s the right time to talk about what’s going to happen then. Be it the fashion field, health, technology, or digital marketing, new and new trends take a toll on the market. 

Thanks to technology and consumer taste, marketing trends are constantly evolving. And, if companies want to flourish in this ever-thriving world, the marketing team must keep up with high-speed changes to race out their competitors.               

Each year, there are a few trends that we need to be aware of if we want to survive. So, here, in this article, we will help you stay on top of some amazing marketing trends of 2021. 

1. Voice Search 

Did you know voice-based shopping is most likely to jump to $40 billion by 2022? 

This seems like a genuine number since you have already heard so much about this technology by now. Yes, people are talking about this for a few years now. 

Voice search functionality not only increases your brand name but also converts your sales. 

So, optimize your voice search with these tips and see more customers buying from you. 

2. Artificial Intelligence 

Artificial Intelligence is one technology that will continue to rise in the years to come. All in all, different kinds of automation are quite popular and will give your business a great boost. 

With artificial intelligence, you can analyze your customers’ behaviors and search patterns and strategize accordingly. AI even uses data from various blog posts and social media posts, so you have a better understanding of your audience and help them find relevant products according to their requirements. 

3. Personalization

Customer experience should be your priority while planning marketing strategies. For a great customer experience, you must deliver a personalized experience to your customers

We’re moving past fundamental automation to greet a customer by their name to delving into individual shopping propensities and perusing patterns to use behavior and requirement to boost transformations. 

Notwithstanding this developing pattern, 80% of advertisers today aren’t customizing their endeavors, even though they realize it improves client engagement. 

4. Customer Experience 

Customer experience is the key. If you can give value to your customers, they will surely come back. A great customer experience will promote loyalty and help you retain customers, and increases brand advocacy. 

As customers have many options to choose from, you need to give them something they can’t forget and reject. You need to build a serious relationship with your customers and see what they need. 

Follow the steps given below to measure customer experience: 

1)     Analyze customer satisfaction survey results 

2)     Ask customers for product or feature requests 

3)     Identify the reasons and for customer churn 

4)     Analyze customer support ticket trends 

5. Content Writing 

Good content is evergreen. Even with the evolvement of new technologies and trends, content marketing is not going anywhere. Good content will convert, it’s simple! 

Although this tactic is not new, it is just a gentle reminder to stick with it in the upcoming years. 

Did you know your company can yield 30% greater growth rates if your content strategy is unique, well-timed, and relationship-driven? 

So, invest in a good content marketing team or follow proven content marketing strategies and generate increased leads. 

6. Influencer Marketing 

Even though this marketing has been around for a few years, it is still a great marketing tactic. It utilizes verbal strategies to drive sales of products and services. 

In this marketing, brands commonly collaborate with a famous blogger or personality who has a huge social media following and repays this individual to include the brand on their social media channels. 

You can contact different fashion bloggers and influencers and ask them to promote your products and services. 

This marketing works since audiences will, in general, view this as more credible than customary brand advertising. 

7. Social Media Stories 

Social media is the best way to increase leads and boost sales. If you also want to see an increase in your ROI, you need to dedicate some resources to your social media marketing team. 

Given the current pandemic, the amount of time we spend online has increased dramatically.   

Now, you can reach more audience and re-engage with the old ones through online communication. So, it’s a good deal to seek a good social media marketer who can attract new business and drive customer responses. 

Wrapping Up 

And that’s all for the marketing trends 2021! Keeping up with the above trends will help you succeed in your respective fields.       

Also, make sure to continuously evolve your marketing efforts if you want to keep pace with customer’s behaviors and demands. So, start by learning more about the above trends, integrate them into your business, and interact with your customers the right way. 

Further, don’t forget to tell us about your go-to marketing trend in the comment section below!