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SEO Tips for Optimizing YouTube Videos

October 22, 2020

The technique of attracting customers through social media marketing, content marketing, search engine optimization, and branding is now getting wider in this decade of digitalization.

Through various search engines, it has become conveniently possible to promote the brand in different ways of marketing with high-end quality. Online directories like Haystack Magnet are there to help you promote your business quickly.

Content marketing is also changed as time has passed. From articles and blogs to images and videos, content has become a significant element of marketing.

Along with the increasing ways of content marketing, the need to optimize them has also increased. The most prominent source for content marketing is YouTube. But how can one optimize YouTube videos through SEO? Well, here are some useful tips which can be the answer to this question.

1. Name Your File Including Trending Keyword:

After searching for the most targeted keyword, you need to put it first in your file's name. It will help YouTube in ranking the video that is more relatable with the keyword. There are numerous places where you can quickly put this keyword in your video content.

YouTube can only read the file name and all the codes that come to your video when you upload it. So, the primary focus should be to find out the most searched keyword and put it in the place of your file name.

2. Add the Keyword in Title Name:

Visitors, first of all, see the title of the videos when they are searching for it. The title is the only thing through which it will come to an end whether the visitor will click on the video link or not. So, the title should also be straightforward, along with being convincing. The title is the most integral part of the video.

So, the targeted keyword can help you in getting a good rank for your video. If the keyword is generally adjusted to your title, then you can continue keeping the same title for a long time. Or else, you must change the label according to the trend and focus keyword of your video.

3. Improve the Efficiency of Video Description:

Description in video matters a lot, but you should not forget that the viewer is on the platform with the motive of watching a video not to read long texts. Although YouTube has limited the content on videos to 1000 words, it displays only two or three lines.

So, it is essential to add the most critical information within the first two lines. Do not select a long text to write for a video description on YouTube. You may also add some vital inbound links in the report that may maintain good relations among other channels.

4. Utilize Tags That Relate to The Topic of Your Video:

Experts in content marketing suggest that you must add tags in your videos to help your clients know about the video you have come up with. Not only clients but also YouTube will be able to know about the topic of the video. This way, YouTube can easily showcase your video and the related videos, helping you reach more and more viewers.

One must select the tags sensibly, which are similar to the description of your video. The title you choose must be relevant to the targeted keyword and must be a long tail tag. Never use inappropriate tags, thinking it will help in increasing the clients. Unrelated titles may lead you to pay the penalty to Google.

5. Select the Category of The Video:

Choosing a category for the video you have uploaded is another step to showcase your video with other similar videos on YouTube. After uploading the video, you may categorize under the option of advanced settings. YouTube after this will cover it to different playlists and help you in gaining more visitors to the video.

But it’s not that easy. YouTube channel holders need to go through a process to consider a particular category for their videos. You must first check the best creators in a specific type and check their work as well. Various terms are required to check before you select the category for your videos.

6. Add A Thumbnail Image to Your Video:

Thumbnail is your video's view, which can be seen by the visitors when they scroll down through the list of various videos. When the notification is sent to the viewer, the thumbnail plays an essential role in the visitors' actions. It has a significant effect on the number of clicks on the videos. One may also opt for a thumbnail auto-generated by YouTube, but experts recommend that you customize your thumbnail to get better results.

You only need to follow some parameters that are fixed by YouTube to make sure that your thumbnail is appearing with excellent quality. Also, you must have a verified YouTube account to customize your thumbnail for the videos.

7. Add Subtitles and Ending Captions:

Subtitle and captions can be of great help to modify YouTube optimization. One is required to upload a supported text transcript file if you want to add them to your video. Also, you may directly add a transcript text that may sync with your video automatically.

One may also limit the number of texts added in the subtitle and closed captions of the videos. Moreover, you need to follow an easy process to do so by selecting how you would like to add the same through the video manager of YouTube.

Final Words

SEO tips discussed above are now in your hands. According to Search Engine Optimization, it is up to you to optimize your YouTube video content the right way.

If required, you may also contact Haystack Magnet to get your channel optimized adequately and professionally. You may go through the offers of marketing strategies offered by them and select the best one for your YouTube channel now.