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Real Facts About SEO You Must Know in 2020

October 09, 2020

We all are aware of the power of digital marketing. Due to Coronavirus, its power and techniques have increased rapidly, revolving all around the market.

Given the pandemic situation, the market and economy had to suffer adversely. We all know that the market will take enough time and techniques to get back to its previous shape and size.

In respect of understanding SEO, we need to know the facts. So, let's go through them and understand the term SEO in depth.

Latest Techniques for Rankings

With the motive of making the content more accessible for the readers, Google has made SEO more problematic for the marketers. Considering the latest SEO techniques, it has become difficult for marketers to rank their pages on Google or other search engines.

SEO content writers must focus on keywords searched by visitors and everything the reader wants. The content you provide on your site should be a perfect solution for the query they are searching for. The marketer can conduct the surveys and ask your clients and visitors what attracts them to a website and what they expect to get in the future.

Value Your Clients and Follow EAT

Building links with great blogs are vital for each marketer. For this, they need to develop high-quality content so that Google robots may also give credit to your website's content. But, Google now examines the websites through the EAT concept that stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness, instead of focusing on links. It means Google bots check the value of users and then rate the content on Google rankings.

If you want your online site to get the best rankings on search engines, you need to develop your authority by being an expert or hiring experts with excellent skills to solve the issues. One may also get connected with writers and industry leaders for better content quality. It would also be best if you drew your focus to elucidating a developer's expertise area through the standard rate content.

Get Featured on Snippet Position

Google understands every meaning of the keyword visitors has entered to search for something. It shows every possible result relevant to that particular keyword. Another thing that comes is the snippet feature of Google. It is the one on which every marketer wants to get their website featured. The snippet shows the best result, and also its effects get more attention than others.

Developers are required to pay more attention to this position. This position can be acquired by giving all the possible solutions for the query of the visitor. Give your answers in small lists and straightforward steps that the user can act on.

Visualization is Another Key to SEO Success

More and more, people effortlessly search for the things around them only through visuals. Google is working on it and is going to grow this feature more widely. Users mostly recommend that search engine, which shows them the best results with perfect visuals, Google, or any mobile application.

If you are looking forward to following Google's visualization trend, you must make an image that will be the main center of your page. The pictures and photographs you are using at your website must be strictly related to your content to become efficient for the visitors to understand the text. Pictures, graphics, and infographics are also the trend among visitors these days.

Voice Search Optimization

Many voice search services give accurate results effortlessly. SEO practitioners can see their future through voice search optimization.

Marketers need to focus on exactly what their visitors want. They may use those keywords in their content as a topic or headings. As we know, through voice search, people can speak a long sentence also, so one is not required to utilize short keywords. They are lazy to type the long phrases on the search engine, but they are practical in speaking the same.


SEO is the most progressing term for digital marketing. Google often updates the algorithm, and we, as marketers, must accept such challenges. This year is a big ball of challenges that marketers have to play through.

We hope you have understood the present and future Search Engine Optimization concept after going through the above facts. So, start developing your sites according to them and, most importantly, according to your clients and provide them exactly what they are seeking.