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Medical SEO - 5 Reasons Why You Need It Right Now

August 12, 2020

In this mobile-centralized world, we usually turn to our mobile phones as soon as the smallest discomfort hits us. Whether we need a doctor or a local store, we are most likely to read their online reviews before buying their services. 

With this being said, it is essential to have an online presence if one needs to augment their sales and increase their business. Not only IT for entrepreneurs or eCommerce marketers, nowadays, but it is also important for medical practitioners to have a web presence. With the increasing competition, medical institutes and practices are facing a lot of challenges in gaining new patients.  

Today if anyone needs a doctor, he/she will just pull up Google and put up their query there. And, if you are on the top of their search results, congratulations, you just earned yourself a new patient.  

SEO will help you in improving your return on investment; it helps in knowing the changing trends of the patients and how they are searching for their required doctor.

So, to gather the attention of such patients, doctors need to start up an online platform through which they can highlight their name in this competitive world. 

Are you still not motivated as to why you need a robust online presence? Here are five reasons why SEO is vital for doctors.

1. It Expands Website Traffic

Having the right presence of your profile and services online these days is really an essential part of any business. There are some slight differences in the profile that may not get traffic or fit your target easily.

The main thing is to attract people towards your website with the motive of converting prospects into patients. SEO can help you in improving the presence of your online platform and also expand the traffic easily.

For this, the proven method is to list your practice on online directories. You may go through different types of online directories available as per your suitability. ‘Haystack Magnet’ is one of the best online directories that will help you not only in create and list your profile but will also help your patients in viewing your products and services easily.

After listing your profile on online directories, your patients will find you faster than before and automatically the number of your patients will increase.

2. It Improves Perception of Your Facilities

It is necessary to get ranked on Google search engines to increase the visual range of your services. People go through only top 2 or 3 searches which may give them proper information regarding what they want.

SEO will help Google to understand your features and your profile will be ranked on 1st or 2nd of Google search engines. If not, you may lose website traffic due to which your patients may not be able to reach you. Medical SEO will help to rank your website and also highlight your services online.

3. It Increases Trust and Credibility

Customers these days believe the services that are on top of the Google searches. So to build your patient’s confidence SEO is the most important part of your site.

Moreover, when it is said to be about their health, people want to be sure about the services they are going for. SEO not only helps your website in getting ranks on organic search engine result pages but also makes it the most trusted of all.

4. It Decreases Marketing Costs

Healthcare marketing is one of the most expensive terms of digital marketing. Medical SEO strategy will also help you in cutting off all such costs from your marketing plan. SEO in gathering more and more patients towards your profile without increasing any marketing cost.

If your website gets ranked organically just because of your keywords through SEO tactics and solutions, then it can also produce a grand ROI more frequently through SEO clicks

5. It Enhances ROI

If we consider Return on Investment, the proper SEO strategies can provide you with much higher rewards as compared to that of some paid marketing solutions. Through proper SEO strategy, you will be able to highlight your facilities towards your patients.

When your patients search for your site more automatically, your profile will come up on the search engines of Google. Through this, you will attract more new patients, and then you just need to convince them that you provide the best services they want.


So, those were some amazing reasons why medical practices need SEO. Not only will it increase their patients, but also enhance their ROI. With listing in online directories, you can promote your business through online platforms quickly. 

There are lots of competitors in this world of online promotion, so you need to select some best tools for your SEO promotion.