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Drive Organic Traffic to Your Retail Store with These Useful SEO Tips

August 23, 2020

Want to boost sales and reach of your retail store? Before this, did you know nearly 80% of buyers do online research before purchasing the item? 

Apart from this, 70% of the audience clicks on the first link on the first SERP. Considering these stats, it has become vital for local stores to reach their audience the right way. By ranking on top of SERPs, you are making sure that you reach the right customers, which will boost your sales. 

Search engine optimization can help you rate better on search engine pages. SEO is a long process, which demands the optimization of your website so it can rank higher. No matter how many products and different variants your site has, you need to optimize each of them if you want customers to buy.

If you are new to all this, you are in the right place. Here, you will learn about a few helpful and easy SEO tips that can boost the sales of your retail store. 

1. Make Sure The Keywords Are Relevant.
Keywords are phrases that customers use when they are looking for a selected item or product.
Keyword research is long and extensive research in which you need to understand your audience, industry, and competitor’s pattern. If you are into the retail sector, you need keywords to deliver significant traffic, thus increasing sales. 

There are many tools for keyword researching, including Google Adwords and KeywordsFX. You must use the keywords in the product title, description, page URL, etc. if you want to maximize the reach. 

2. Listing in Online Directories
Listing in online directories can also help you in reaching the right audience. Since most people trust Google before buying anything, listing your store on online directories can be of enormous help. 

There are various directories that you can use to list your store; however, make sure to go for a reputable source. Haystack Magnet is one such online directory that will help you in amplifying your online presence.

Moreover, the directories will increase your brand popularity and direct the traffic towards your website. 

3. Build More Pages
A website with fewer pages tends to get lower rank than the one with more web pages. So, regardless of what trade you are in, it is important to have an increased number of pages in your website. 

If you own a retail store, you are in advantage as you can create many pages in the form of categories, sections, and more. You can create different pages for similar yet different variants of the product. Along with this, try to put up product descriptions, blogs, reviews, and testimonials.
If you publish new content regularly, there will be a higher chance of getting ranked on search engines. 

However, don’t make the mistake of creating pages just to increase the number, the quality of these pages matter as well. Ensure all the pages have relevant and useful information to make visitors stay on your site for a longer duration. 

4. Consider Image Optimization
Images play an essential role in retail stores. Better the quality of the image better will be the results. 

Along with this, optimizing the images can also do the trick of boosting sales. Optimization is adding small descriptions of the product images to increase your reach.

You can even include keywords in these descriptions to make your product reach wide masses. Adding keyword-rich alt text and file name to every image on the website is a great SEO trick to improve your ranking. 

5. Allow Customers To Share Your Content
Nowadays, everyone wants a second opinion on things they are about to buy. Whether it is clothing, electronics, or furniture, people nowadays want to send the product photos to their friends to ask for their reviews.

If they cannot share the desired product, they won’t be visiting you anytime soon. So, give your visitors the option of sharing the product through various channels. It would be great if you incorporate a share button with all product images to enable people to share the stuff easily. Try giving a sharing option for WhatsApp, Facebook, Pinterest, and more. 

Further, you can create accounts on various social media platforms to tempt users to check out new items and share them with their friends and family.

Wrapping Up 

Search engine optimization is essential for retail stores. Along with helping you gain credibility, the above tactics will augment your sales and convert your visitors into buyers.

Besides the above tips, you can even optimize the website for mobile phones, which will further drive sales to your store. As an increased number of individuals are using their mobile phones to search for the required product, this trick will surely help you. 

And, don’t forget to optimize the images and product names on your website. So, pay heed to these tips, and you will surely have the right amount of traffic flowing in no time.