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Changing Trends of SEO for 2020

September 18, 2020

Search engine optimization is the most necessary element for enhancing business digitally. On search engines like Google or any other, if we search anything through a particular keyword, its SERP will show hundreds of results.

But do you think that all the results on SERP have the same value?

No, only the top ten results on the search engine page can attract more visitors. So if you want your webpage to get ranked under the top ten SERP rankings, you need to have your focus, especially on your page’s content.

SEO needs to get handled under various aspects like keywords, researches, and trends. There are multiple strategies to address all the elements equally. But along with the system, you must update your page according to the facts that are on-trend in 2020.

The Visitor Must Be Your Priority

Thinking of your website users should be the most important thing for you at first. You must ensure that the visitor gets complete information about what they want through your page in less time.

Your page must not take time to load the details; otherwise, the visitor will not stay and prefer to go on to the other site. It will increase the bounce rates of your page.

Related and Good Quality Content

Watching videos and scrolling down the feeds on social media platforms becomes irritating due to the vast number of ads appearing on the screen. Good quality content is an element that can help visitors with what they want to know immediately.

If your web page talks more about random things then the details of what visitor has come to search for the visitor will soon get irritated. So, it is necessary to upload content with good quality according to the relevant searches.

Length of Content

It is said that the content with less length is mostly viewed and read by the users. But the size of the content provided on your page is not a matter of attraction. It is noticed that page with longer high quality content attracts the viewers most.

You need to maintain your focus on the quality and information of your content rather than its length. It must contain all the possible information for what your customer is looking for. Make your content attractive and detailed information so that the visitor is satisfied.

Google Search Features

The latest trendy feature of Google search that is Featured Snippets must have been seen by many of us. This feature has appeared at the top of the first result on SERP. Such features drive a majority of clicks.

Only those web pages are picked up by Google that answers all the specific questions of a visitor. Your page’s content must be high quality and must contain specific content related to the respected topic.

Video Content

Due to a lack of time, most users want to get complete information in videos. They find it easier to understand the concept and facts about what they have searched efficiently and conveniently through visual content.

Moreover, videos have the most attractive and practical source through which you may easily make others understand the term you want to tell. But, visual content also has to undergo SEO techniques. You need to add all the SEO related terms to maintain a good quality of video content.

Awareness through Social Media

Many social media influencers are there who can make the vast majority of people aware of our brand easily. As most marketers are getting connected with influencers, the number of such influencers is increasing day by day.

Along with the brand promotion among people, it gives you some additional benefits such as a more comprehensive reach of clients and relevant backlinks to your business website. With the help of an influencer, it has become easy to accomplish all the marketing related goals from social media.

Access through Smartphones

A large majority of work and consumption of content occurs through smartphones. So, what will the user see when they visit your website through their smartphone?

Your website is never worth it if its content is not visible on mobile devices. Therefore, it is essential to develop a business website that can be accessed easily in all the devices such as desktop, laptop, or any mobile device so that your client may reach you easily from any part of the world.


We never know that the things that are trending today will exist in the future or not. So, we, including our business or professions, must have the ability to adapt itself to any change.  SEO is no different. You must always learn and adapt to stay relevant.