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7 Proven Ways Physician Offices Can Promote Their Online Presence

August 11, 2020

Gone is the time when having a website was enough to be found online. Nowadays, if you don't want to get lost in the crowd, you need to have a robust online presence.  

Whether you are a physician or an entrepreneur, attracting new patients and clients requires optimizing your site's web presence. Many smart health professionals have already started their digital journey.  

Showing up in your potential patients' search result endows you with huge advantages over your competitors. Did you know that today one out of five patients search for a doctor online before their appointment? 

Moreover, with so many SEO practices and strategies, it has become challenging to stand out. So, how can you do this? 

Fortunately, we can help you in boosting your online presence. 

Here are some of the consumer-driven and proven ways on how you can boost your online presence. 

1. Listing in Online Directories 

We have many online websites that form an online directory; they are similar to Google listing and also help you increase web traffic and online presence. This also helps you in increasing brand recognition and customer interaction.

Online Directories also help you sneak into other professionals' profiles and may even look for their best practices to get inspired from.  

One such online directory is ‘Haystack Magnet.’ The tool can help you create your company profile and showcase your products and services to your potential patients.

By listing your medical practice in online directories, you can easily increase your patient numbers and the web presence. 

2. Google My Business 

With the advancement in the digital era, an online presence is the most critical step. When we talk about online presence, Google dominates all of them, and whenever we have to search for something, the very first thing that comes in our mind is to search for it on Google.

Google provides a fantastic platform for the online business by getting them listed over its separate section - "Google My Business." If you are not listed on Google My Business, it seems one is far behind the times. So, make certain you keep pace with the current scenario and get yourself listed on Google.

3. Online Reviews 

Whenever one is searching for Doctors online, the second thing that comes to their mind is to look out for reviews and not just for doctors but everything available online because reviews speak a lot about the services and fetch you many clients.

So next time someone visits you, do request them to leave a review for you over Google My Business. 

4. Blogging 

Did you know 8 out of 10 people confide in Google to research a health-related topic? It means, if you have a blogging section with knowledgeable and relevant health content, users are most likely to stay on your website more.  

It is a smart practice to focus on blogging and providing solutions to your patients' problems. It will give an augment to your online presence. 

You can seek help from a keyword search tool to know the pain points of your audience. Tools like BuzzSumo, Ahrefs, and Google Keyword Planner can be of great help. Write about the most researched topic, and see your online presence increase. 

5. Social Media 

Using social media platforms to enhance your online presence is one of the best weapons you can wield to increase your reliability and customer satisfaction. With the help of social media, you can engage with your customers and build relationships that can help you in the long run.

Facebook is the most often used social platform, and you should definitely set up your own page to mark your social media presence.

6. Email Marketing 

Advertising your medical practice with the help of email marketing is one of the latest trends in use these days. You should start jotting down your patients' email addresses with their contact numbers and let them know when your site is online. 

Promote your new website and your profession, and do not forget to tell them about the latest services and concessions on medical bills or tests. You can even ask for references and should promote your website to gain prospective customers.

7. Responsive Website 

Did you know more than 62% of people search for health-related information on their mobile phones? 

Given the statistics, your website should be optimized for mobile phones because everyone wants the services they are looking for at their fingertips. 

So, make certain that your website is mobile friendly with impressive load time. If users were to wait for your site to load, they would most likely switch to a different site in no time. 


Although there is a long list of strategies by which doctors can boost their online presence, we have mentioned the top 7 practices that will help you at a significant rate. 

Start focusing on the above tips, and you will surely see results in your web presence. With the increasing competition, you need to up your strategy game if you want to stand a cut above your competitors' rest.

Keeping the SEO practices in mind, you will soon be on your way to maintaining your current patients and securing potential ones.